Accelera brand tire has the widest range of 467 sizes from 13 inches to 24 inches for Ultra-High-Performance Tires, SUV, Light Truck, Run Flat, Rally tires, and Commercial tires.

Accelera brand of tires is the best to answer for VALUE FOR MONEY, presented in over 97 countries across the world.

Most of the patterns are emerging as silent patterns and we date to compare with the best of the world. The silent feature of the product is quality, reliability with competitive price are a winning combination to sustain in the most competitive market environment.

Accelera tires have the widest approval of GSO, ISI, SASO, SON, CCC, E4, DOT, SNI, and also ISO 9001 Certified companies.

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Accelera is an ultra-high performance tire designed for the most elegant and safe tire ever. The superior tread design combined with silica compound technology enabled Accelera to be able to overcome the aqua planning forces on the wet road. It also has very low rolling resistance to save energy. This is the beauty of a tire yet a safe tire even at high speed.

  • Jointless nylon grip.
  • Rim guard.
  • Jointless strong bead wire.
  • Superior tread design.
  • HI-Density steel belt.
  • Silica compound.
  • Triple layers tread.
  • High-Quality material.
  • XL: Reinforced safety factor.