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Established in 2007 with an aim to become regional tire distributors from Dubai, UAE. In the span of 3 years, Force one has established a regional network in Cis, India, and Africa (Kenya). Force One is an Authorized and exclusive distributor for UAE, Oman, Iran, Kenya, CIS, and India. We stock a wide range of tires and carry some of the major brands like Accelera and Forceum of Indonesian origin.

Force one was the 1st company in the Mid-range segment to introduce the widest range of UHP tires in UAE and established a network across UAE with reputed partners, jointly promoting the brand. Force one has been working with partners in other designated countries by appointing distributors who work for the long term.WHERE Based in Dubai, which is a regional hub for MENA, Force One has the advantage to develop a regional network for Oman, CIS, Kenya, and India


Burjuman Business Tower, 18th Floor, Office no: 1849 Mobile: +971 55 553 1088 / +971 52 214 5497


Near Khansaheb Parking Office no: 4, Deira, Dubai - United Arab Emirates Landline: +971 4 267 6262

Why Us

Brand presence with the biggest size range in the segment

Accelera brand from Indonesia with 446 sizes being produced and distributed

Forceum brand with 180 plus sizes

Long history to work with the Middle East Market.

Long history to work with the Middle East Market.

Long history to work with the Middle East Market.


We believe in developing, enhancing the PCR tire business with a strong team and reliable network partners to share knowledge, trends, experience, and learn from day-to-day activities in a challenging market environment. Our success has been based on trust, mutual respect with our partners. The professional team focuses on the upcoming trends, working closely with manufacturers to develop future products